How to order?

Thank you for joining us in the 47Ronin family!

Either you are getting it for yourself or as a gift for someone, here are some tips for you.

Ordering from our online shop:

  1. Choose from our collection the watch straps you would like to purchase. We can customise to the size of your watches and your wrist (send us a mail after you have made the order). You can make secured payment by credit card or Paypal, and receive a confirmation mail from us.
  2. If you need us to customise the size to your watches and your wrist, find out 1) Lug width of your watch, 2) Size of your wrist, and send us an email to (Read our blog post on Measuring Lug width & Wrist size)
  3. Each piece of watch strap is order made, handcrafted using limited materials. Each piece is unique with the artist's creative thoughts. No two pieces are identical.
  4. Each piece will take 4 weeks to 2 months or longer to be completed due to time needed for sourcing rare materials, and other orders in the queue that come earlier. We will inform you of the estimated time needed for completion, and time needed for shipping. We thank you for your patience.
  5. After completion, we will ship out the watch strap, and provide you with the tracking code for Airmail international registered article by email. The shipping will usually take 1 to 2 weeks depending on your location.
  6. After receiving the product, leave as a comment or give a product review. This will help us in creating awesome products and better experience in the future.
  • Feel free to contact us for any enquiry:


Ordering a bespoke custom designed watch strap:

Contact us by Whatsapp (+65 86567631) or Instagram with the following information.

  • What is your name, email, mobile number, delivery address?
  • Which watch is the strap for? Tell us the brand, the model, lug size, buckle size, a URL to the watch specifications, and a photo of your watch.
  • What is your wrist size? Read our blog post on Measuring Lug width & Wrist size
  • Tell us which of designs you like from our Instagram. *Depending on the availability of the materials, some designs may not be available. Since each piece is handcrafted, even with the same materials, no products can be identical. With your preferred design, we can custom made one with a similar design.
  • You may let us know your preference for the types and colours/ tone of the leather, stitches, buckle, and other materials, with reference images if any. We will assess the feasibility and let you know about the options.
  • For any unspecified preference or details, it will be up to the artist's discretion and creativity in the design and crafting. 
  • We will give you a quotation based on the design, materials, and craftsmanship required, and the estimated time required for design & crafting and shipping.
  • Due to orders from other customers, the lead time could be extended. Usually it requires 4-5 weeks for design & crafting and 1-2 weeks for shipping. It may take longer we need to source some rare materials.
  • After confirming the details & price, we will send you an invoice by email through Shopify, where you can make secured payment by credit card or Paypal. 
  • After full payment is received, we will start designing & crafting the straps.
  • We will update you once the product is shipped with the tracking code. 
  • We will not send you photos of the straps, we prefer you to see them in person.
  • We are watch straps artists. While we try our best to create according to your preference, its our gift to you for our creativity and art expression to be presented through our creations. 


What does Handcrafted mean to us?

  • "Handcrafted" has a wide rage of definitions from different crafters and brands. While it is not wrong to use the term as long as any part of the product involves a pair of human hands, sometimes the term is being abused. We wish to share with you how "handcrafted" are our products.
  • We work with materials that we shave sourced such as leather, fabrics, stitching threads, buckles, etc which are most of the case, factory produced. 
  • We then put these materials together using hand tools, such as crafting knives, pricking iron, ruler, scissors, glue, edge slicker, needles, hammer, stitch divider, skiver, edge beveler, awl, and other common leather crafting tools which are not electrically powered.
  • We do not use: sewing machine, die cut machine, electric sanding or burnishing tools, nor machinery for mass production. 
  • As craftsmen/women, we stride to perfect our crafting skills everyday, while we are also proud of our works as sincere, genuine, with a sprinkle of human touch from our hearts to our hands. 

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us by Whatsapp (+65 86567631) or Instagram 

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