Watch Straps Size Guidelines


  • Our watch straps are ordered by the width and lengths of the band (in millimeters)
  • Equipments needed: standard ruler/ caliper, a string/ cloth tape measure

The most obvious and easiest way to check your strap size is by looking at the back of the strap for any stampings that indicates the size. Or the lug width for any given watch can typically found online on the manufacturer’s website.

Likewise, you can measure the lug width easily using a calliper or a standard ruler, which usually has a millimeter scale.


First, you need to know measure the width of the strap. The width of the strap (given in millimeters) corresponds to the distance between the lugs, where the strap meets the watch.

In brief, so as to measure your strap width, use a standard ruler that offers millimeters side and measure the width of the part of the strap that uses spring bars/ screws to attach to your watch case.


Next, you need to measure the lengths of the strap. There are two types of length required: the tail length (the length of the longer section) and the buckle end (the length of the shorter section, without the buckle). Please make sure that the straps are well straightened for a more accurate measurement.

Alternatively, you can simply measure your wrist size using a measuring or even a piece of string because the strap length suggestion is also based on your wrist size.

Wrap a string around your wrist and mark where the two ends meet with a marker.

Then, lay the string on a flat surface and measure the distance from the end to your mark. You can do the same way with the measuring tape measure, not to say it’s much easier.

* You can find the watch strap for the above HERE.

47Ronin#009 Crocodile skin watch strap with high school uniform button (20mm, Green crocodile skin, Brass button, Orange thread)

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