Watch brand collaboration: SIXOFOUR LIFE, the Vancouver Kids X 47Ronin Watch Straps

Late last year I came across a simple, beautifully designed watch from Canada, SIXOFOUR LIFE (read as six-o-four life). Later I found out that  SIXOFOUR (604) is the area code of Vancouver where is brand is based. I got in touch with the co-founders, Caleb & Steve on Instagram and we started our discussion on collaboration. 
47Ronin would custom design and craft a watch strap for  SIXOFOUR LIFE watch, while we would also receive a watch to mix and match with our series of watch strap designs. 
It was almost Chinese New Year, and Caleb suggested sending us a red theme watch to go with the auspicious festival. I guess Caleb is pretty familiar with some Asian culture, given there are lots of Asians in Vancouver. So very soon, I received a package in our studio with the watch Gastown Red (above) inside. 
If you are asking about the specs, here you go:
  • Automatic Movement (Miyota 8200 Series)
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass
  • AISI certified 316L stainless steel
  • Water Resistant to 5ATM (50m)
  • Open back glass
Very quickly, with this polished casing, red dial, automatic watch, I embarked on the design, and crafting a strap just for this watch. And here is what I have got.
  • Lug size: 22mm
  • Lengths: 125mm/ 75mm
  • Dark brown full grain calf leather
  • Silver stainless steel buckle
  • Dark pink stitches (hand-stitched)
  • Decorated with Brass button from Japanese school uniform
  • Black edge paint
  • Embroiled with letters: "S" "I" "X" "O" "F" "O" "U" "R"
  • Designed and Handcrafted by 


Here is how it looks with the watch.
Let's have a closer look, with origami frogs surrounding it :)
I quickly shipped this custom strap to Caleb, and this is how he had match it with his watch. 
Of course, good things are meant to share... on social media...
Caleb is also very creative in making interesting photos for posting, such as the one below, with bananas from the tropics. 
 Back in 47Ronin studio, I continued to match the watch with various straps. You can see how different strap designs transform and give a whole new feel to the watch. 
Orange calf leather, Green stitches, Lime green textile from Tatamiberi from Japan.
Seems that it goes well with denim.  
It is going to catch some attention at a party and be a good conversation starter.
Take a look at the detail. It has a raw handcrafted feel, while the work is pretty neat.
 It makes a nice decorative ornament even when it is off the wrist. 

Another strap we have matched with.
  • Brown full grain calf leather
  • Silver stainless steel butterfly clasp buckle
  • White stitches (hand-stitched)
  • Decorated with flower patterned Tatmiberi textile from Japan
The design gives it a more classy and matured look compared to the previous strap. 
Butterfly clasp also appear to be more professional, and allow the strap to last longer. 
This collaboration with SIXOFOUR LIFE X 47Ronin is bringing a piece of the East and a piece of the West together, to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. 
Check out the following for more excitements:

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