Watch brand collaboration: 47Ronin x Vario Watch (Singapore)

Some months ago I met with Ivan, founder of Singapore watch brand, to share our passion on watches and watch accessories such as watch straps and watch cases which Ivan also designs.

Almost immediately, we decided to have a collaboration between Vario watch and 47Ronin watch straps.

eclipse 38mm black dress watch quartz harris tweed strap

Ivan showed me The Eclipse, which is a Bauhaus Inspired High Beat Quartz Dress Watch. It features a Seiko TMI VH31 movement with Clean Sweep Hands, a Double Dome Sapphire and a signature luxurious Harris Tweed Strap. 

In short, I am amused by Clean Sweep Hands which I had almost mistaken it as an automatic watch. Ivan said: it ticks 4 times per second due to the quartz used inside.

vario 38mm eclipse dress watch caseback

At the back of the watch is also a piece of art with the engraved design of the legendary hound, as well as the sign of the legend in traditional Chinese characters 天狗蝕月 which translate "Heavenly Hound devours the Moon" 

vario eclipse double dome sapphire watch

On the watch face are Double Dome Sapphire crystals that give the watch an unusual luxurious feature and feel.

 Back in our 47Ronin studio, after studying about Vario's brand and the watch's story, we finally decided to match this very special strap of ours to The Eclipse. 

No, we didn't have 2 sets of straps for the watch. This is 1 set of watch strap with different materials and designs for the longer piece and shorter piece of the strap. 

Viewing from above, you can clearly see one side is brown, and the other is greyish green, with our "Second Button" design for both sides.

 For the shorter pieces, we used a brown calf leather with crocodile print embossed. It is decorated with "Second button" from Japanese junior high school uniform, and hand-stitched with orange-beige thread along the edge. 

You may have noticed we coated the edge with a layer of blue paint for protecting the leather and serve as part of the design. It is also matched with a silver stainless steel butterfly clasp buckle. 

 For the long piece, we used a greyish green calf leather with crocodile print embossed, decorated with "Second button" from Japanese high school uniform, and hand-stitched with luminous yellow threads. 

Eclipse is astronomical phenomenon that occurs once in a while. Before the advancement of science, it is a phenomenon that was amused, feared, or confused by many. Even with today's scientific explanation, the eclipse remains a mysterious event for many of us. 

Our design in having 2 different colours and different materials for both side of the strap coincides with The Eclipse story, which shows irregularity can also be adopted in things around us. Thinking out of the box, and embrace the differences that appear in our lives from time to time, would allow us to see the world with new perspective, and find happiness and joy within. 



Case diameter: 38mm
Case thickness: 7mm (quartz) OR 8mm (handwound)
Crystal: 3mm double dome sapphire (anti-reflective coated on inner surface)
Case material: 316L stainless steel
Dial: convex sunburst dial in silver, red, green, blue, grey and black colour
Movement: Seiko VH31 Sweeping Quartz movement (4 ticks every second)


47Ronin 浪人 Watch Straps are designed & handcrafted piece by piece with exotic materials from various part of Japan, such as leather, Kimono fabric, Japanese print, and interesting materials.

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