Watch brand collaboration: 47Ronin x Travailler Timepieces (Singapore)

This time, we had a very interesting collaboration with Singapore watch brand: Travailler Timepieces.  
First of all, I have no difficulty pronouncing the brand's name as I had spent two years in university studying the super complex language of French (especially all the CONJUGATION), if you know what I am talking about. Furthermore, I spent 1 month in Lyon for homestay with a French family of 7, and 6 months on student exchange at Grenoble. Oh boy, La France me manque! I miss France, all its fromage,  baguette, le vin, saucisson, etc! 
In any case, the brand is called Travailler Et Jouer, which means “Work and Play” in french. We certainly need a well balance of both!
Another interesting fact: Travailler Timepieces is founded by Jeremy Ng, a fellow alumni of NUS Overseas College, which is a very successful entrepreneurship program by NUS Enterprise, National University of Singapore (NUS). A fellow alumni, I mean I graduated from the same program too, some "n" years ago. It is awesome to meet Jeremy, a NOC alumni in the watch business. 
Enamelling techniques:
There are many aspect of Travailler Timepieces in design, material, mechanics that could be topics of interest. However, I would say one aspect that cannot be missed is the Enamelling techniques they use for their watch dials. That is why they have their Atelier (a french word) located inside NUS's startup incubator, call The Hangar. 
I have to admit that I am a total newbie in the world of horology, and it was certainly my first time hearing about  Enamelling techniques for watch dials. Jeremy had very kindly invited me to his Atelier to have a first hand experience to make my own dial using the  Enamelling techniques. That would turn out to be an experience of a lifetime. 
Take a look at all the tools Jeremy has for applying Grand Feu Enamelling (meaning: big fire Enamelling) for the dial. While I also use lots of different tools for watch strap crafting, I am definitely new to all these tools set in front of me. 
To explain briefly in lay-man's term,  Grand Feu Enamelling consists of applying a layer of powdered enamel on a piece of copper that serves as the base of the dial, put it into a kiln and fired at 700C. The powder is heated till it melts and becomes vitreous. When it cools after being removed, it hardens to form a solid enamel surface.
The process is repeated with enamel powder of different colours of your choice, and you may design your own dial for the watch. After the blue base, I applied some mint green enamel powder covering about half of the dial. 
According to Jeremy, throughout this process, there is a high chance of failure from dial bending, cracking and uneven layering. Grand Feu enamelling is labor intensive and extremely time consuming, but the end product is unparalleled beauty; far superseding the Epoxy enamel or Industrial enamel methods used in watches around this price range.
The other half would be applied with orange enamel powders. 
With a few strokes of the brush, I made some patterns, revealing the blue base beneath. 
It is now really for another round of firing. 
I could totally feel the heat radiating from this 700 degree celcius kiln.
Fortunately, my part in making my own dial using the Grand Feu Enamelling techniques ended here. After cooling, it had to be inspected by Jeremy to identify any flaws, bending, or damages that would put all my efforts to waste. Luckily, even with some slight bending, Jeremy was able to fix it for further assembly in the next  few stages. 
Certainly behind the face of the watch, is where the heart of the watch sits. The time-tested Swiss movement is highly reliable and sufficiently robust for daily wear. It packs a shock protection Incabloc balance and a 44 hours power reserve. ​ We regulate our movements to strict standards for that extra peace of mind and time keeping accuracy.
Et Viola! Here is the one and only timepiece created by 47Ronin x Travailler Timepieces. A fusion of a blue base, mint green, and orange, with free style strokes of round dots and lines radiating outwards. 
Of course, much of the credit goes to Jeremy who had taken much effort in printing the logo on the dial with the other markings, and putting it together. As a humble craftsman myself, it is as if seeing your own child being born to this world. (almost)
Yes, the watch is done but hold on! This is just the beginning. How can a collaboration project by 47Ronin go with the watch strap missing?? 
Et Viola again! A complete collaboration by 47Ronin Watch Straps x Travailler Timepieces. 
For this watch strap, an orange theme is implemented for the overall design. It is 47Ronin's signature design with Kimono fabric from Kyoto as the inlay. A orange and golden piece of Kimono fabric is chosen to match the orange enamel that is covering half of the dial. 
3 circular cutouts revealing the Kimono fabric are made on each side of the strap to compliment the circular dots on the dial. A bright orange thread is hand-stitched along the edge with extra loops at the lug and buckle areas to add strength to the strap. The croc embossed calf leather kind of goes well with the enamel dial, which instead of a purely smooth surface, have a unique texture for both the dial and the strap. 
Sharing something about Japan
The Honda Super Cub, one the most iconic motorcycles since 1958, is the most produced vehicle surpassing 60m in 2008. It was designed to deliver soba noodle, and can be driven with only one hand. 

Handcrafted, Hand-stitched
Watch brand collaboration @47ronin_watchstraps x @travaillertimepieces

*All images are from Travailler Timepieces & 47Ronin Watch Straps, special thanks to

The Watch
Case: Ø 39.5 mm
Height: 9.23 mm
Material: stainless steel
Waterproof up to: 5 bar
Glass: sapphire crystal, both sides anti-reflective
Bottom: steel
Dial: Ø display 32mm, Grand Feu Enamelling by 47Ronin, paint appliqué hour markers
Hands: Stainless Steel
The Watch Strap:
Leather: Croc embossed brown calf leather
Fabric: Orange & Golden Kimono fabric from Kyoto
Stitching: Bright orange stitching (hand-stitched)
Buckle: Original Travailler Timepiece buckle
Spring bar: Quick release spring bar
Length: 125mm/75mm,
Lug: 18mm
Thickness: 3.0mm
Buckle: 16mm

47Ronin 浪人 Watch Straps are designed & handcrafted piece by piece with exotic materials from various part of Japan, such as leather, Kimono fabric, Japanese print, and interesting materials.

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