Watch brand collaboration: 47Ronin x H.I.D Watch (Hong Kong)

Everyday we meet new people, but we connect easily with those with common interest and passion. Similarly, when I met Eric, the founder of H.I.D Watch in Hong Kong- we bonded easily over our common interest; passion and love towards Horology. While exchanging our thoughts about Horology, I received a H.I.D watch as a collaboration piece. 

When Eric created H.I.D watch, his concept was to create a unique watch product that has never been seen in the market. So, I also decided to give a completely new and unique look to the watch I received by designing and crafting something out of the box.


Introduction of H.I.D Watch:-

The founder & creator of H.I.D watch, Eric was equally passionate about automotive since he was a kid. And to flourish & live his dream, he became an engineer. With vast knowledge on Horology, he started to conceptualise a unique watch that will link & integrate his two hobbies- Cars and Watches. And as a result he designed a D.I.Y transformable watch case inspired by automotive concept. Isn’t that exciting!

And finally his dream-child was born. A unique watch with equally unique case. As he was particularly keen towards vintage watches he named it H.I.D (Heritage Innovative Design).


Introduction of H.I.D Watch M010103:-

H.I.D Watch M010103 is a classic cars’ series “T1D1” (Type1/Design1), an automatic wind mechanical wristwatch in black/steel tone. The dial is in all black with a red indicator to indicate the time in hours. The minutes and seconds are displayed by 2 rotating discs underneath. Time in minutes is to be read by the indicator at 12:00 position, whereas the hours are displayed by the window at 6:00 position. At the centre is the small seconds display. The dial design was inspired by 1960s classic car Corvette C1 model.

About the watch strap design:-

Due to the silver, black, and white organic colour theme of the watch, it gives us a very wide range of colour themes that we can experiment with the straps. It is quite a heavy duty watch, hence we have chosen thicker leather, and a straight design for the straps. One thing to take note is that although it has a 22mm lug, due to the inter-changable outer casing, a longer 26mm quick release spring bar will be needed to secure the strap to the watch, as well as to the casing. 

47Ronin#105, is our iconic Kimono fabric design with Bronze brown calf leather, yellow stitching, yellow edge paint, matched with a golden stainless steel pre-v buckle. 

Notice that we use a thicker 0.8mm flat lemon yellow thread for the stitching to give a more solid feel that matches with the watch. 

From the original black leather strap, we have transformed the watch into a golden-yellow Japanese art piece for the wrist. It would probably be a nice conversation opener in all occasions. 

This is the original piece of Kimono fabric used for the strap. It is pretty hard to image from just looking at the small pieces deployed in the watch strap. We do not intentionally decide which part of the fabric will go into the strap, but rather we randomly leave it to "fate", which the Japanese called it 「ご縁」(Go-En). Therefore, no two straps we craft will be identical, even they may be crafted from the same piece of material. 

The Watch 

H.I.D Watch, Model : M010103

Watch diameter: 45 mm

Movement: Mechanical automatic wind movement. 4Hz (28,800 A/h), 21 jewels

Watch case: Stainless steel 316L round case (size 40mm diameter without crown / 15.5mm thick overall).

The Watch Strap


Leather: Bronze brown calf leather

Fabric: Kimono fabric from Kyoto

Stitching: Lemon Yellow stitching (hand-stitched)

Buckle: Golden stainless steel Pre-v buckle 22mm

Spring bar: Quick release spring bar 


Length: 125mm/75mm,

Lug: 22mm

Thickness: 3.0mm

Buckle: 22mm

You can order the strap here:


47Ronin 浪人 Watch Straps are designed & handcrafted piece by piece with exotic materials from various part of Japan, such as leather, Kimono fabric, Japanese print, and interesting materials.

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