Watch brand collaboration: 47Ronin x Grundstof Watch (Singapore)

47Ronin Watch Straps

Grundstof was founded by two co-workers in a prestigious watch company who had a dream of creating innovative watches with a high level of craftsmanship and a unique style that utilizes modern technology blended with nature-inspired design. One of the biggest accomplishments Grundstof has achieved is that their Kickstarter campaign in 2018 was fully funded in under 10 hours!

 47Ronin Watch Straps

The design philosophy behind Grundstof watches is to merge the natural elements of wood with precision Swiss technology. This is inspired by Bahhaus design principles, which states that material should be used in its most honest format, its nature should not be changed. All Grundstof watch dials are made of natural, hand-picked, quality wood. This makes sure that every dial is slim and unique, and no two dials are identical. Behind every manufactured watch, an elegant wood grain pattern is etched and each watch is individually numbered.

 47Ronin Watch Straps

The specifications of Grundstof watches do not pale in comparison to its elegant exterior as well. Grundstof watches, including the Wald Olive Burl watch that 47Ronin has received for our collaboration, feature superior Swiss movement with scratch resistant double domed sapphire crystal, water resistance up to 50m, a stainless steel watch case, and an Italian leather watch strap.

 47Ronin Watch Straps

47Ronin is known for using different Japanese materials to design and craft watch straps. For our collaboration with Grundstof, we used Kimono textile fabric from Kyoto to design a strap for this Wald Olive Burl watch. 

47Ronin#106 Orange brown calf leather, Japanese kimono fabric (20mm, green stitches) We have chosen a bright orange calf leather for the strap, which is total change of mood compared to the original black or brown straps.

A piece of Kimono textile fabric consists of flowery patterns in red, green, golden outline, and a navy background is inserted between the leather as in-lay for the watch strap design.


A rose-gold brushed stainless steel pre-V buckle is chosen to go with the orange leather and wooden dial.

Stitching was done using lime green 0.45mm waxed thread with 3mm diamond shaped pricking iron tool from Japan. 


It is finished off with black edge paint for the side of the strap that contrasts with the overall vivid colour theme. 


47Ronin 浪人 Watch Straps are designed & handcrafted piece by piece with exotic materials from various part of Japan, such as leather, Kimono fabric, Japanese print, and interesting materials.

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