Watch brand collaboration: 47Ronin x Aries Gold (Singapore)

47Ronin Watch Straps

Some months ago I met Chase Woo of Aries Gold, a true blue Singaporean watch brand started in 1970, whose watches are conceptualised and designed in Singapore, prototyped in Singapore, assembled in Singapore, and finally directly sold to customers from Singapore. 

To me, a newbie to watches, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that such an extraordinary watch brand has been serving the watch markets in over 35 countries for the last half a century. It really inspires me to join in the effort to put a Singapore brand on the world map.

47Ronin Watch Straps

Without a second thought, we quickly embarked on an artist collaboration between Aries Gold and 47Ronin by combining both Singaporean creations. 

I have selected this golden watch from the Infinum series to work on, as I was very attracted to its skeleton design for this automatic watch, which reveals the center portion of the movement. There are also a few small, subtly blinking red and blue "gems" on the dial, which added some premium and a sense of mysteriousness to the watch. In addition, only a few of the marking are shown in Roman numerals, do we call that "less is more"?

47Ronin Watch Straps


Regular price $419.00 USD

Beneath its reinforced sapphire glass exterior, lies the intricate yet durable handcrafted dial. Each component has been painstakingly constructed to perfection by the veteran watchmakers, meshing seamlessly with the movement in a symphony of finesse and performance. 


47Ronin Watch Straps
Model: G 9005G G-BK
Case: Solid Stainless Steel
Strap: Genuine Leather Strap
Glass: Sapphire Glass
Water Resistance: 5atm
Weight: 96g
Thickness: 12.7mm
Case Size: 43mm
Functions: 3 Hands, Skeleton
Movement: Japan Automatic 82S0
47Ronin Watch Straps

About the watch strap design

The leather

Diving into the strap design from my side at 47Ronin, first of all, I have decided to use a brown piece of leather to break away from the black leather strap that the watch originally comes with. In addition, it is a piece of calf leather with lizard scales embossed giving it an overall 3D texture. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

The stitching

As mentioned earlier, in order to synchronise with the couple of blinking blue "gems" on the dial, I decided to give the strap a blue stitching. Instead of a single colour stitching, I have incorporated two tones of blue: sky blue & navy blue on each side of the strap. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

A couple of criss-crossing stitchings are included near the lug as a decorative feature, and also add-on a little handcrafted-ness to the piece. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

Kimono fabric from Kyoto

As one of the signature designs of 47Ronin, a piece of Kimono fabric from Kyoto is inserted between the layers of leather, with 4 circular cutouts in a curved arrangement. 

A blue & silver Kimono fabric with Sakura Cherry Blossom design is selected as the inlay. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

The tapering

The watch strap is also tapered from the 22mm lug to 20mm at the buckle. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

The buckle

Finally, a 20mm golden stainless steel butterfly clasp buckle is attached. Since the lizard embossed leather is rather stiff, a butterfly clasp buckle would reduce the bending and twisting of the strap when putting on or taking down. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

The Material:

  • Brown lizard embossed calf leather
  • Japanese textile kimono fabric from Kyoto
  • Navy blue & Sky blue stitching (hand stitched)
  • Golden stainless steel butterfly clasp buckle 
  • Quick release spring bar


  • Length: 125/75 (can be customised according to wrist size)
  • Lug: 22mm
  • Buckle: 20mm
  • Thickness: 2.5mm


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47Ronin#230 Brown lizard embossed calf leather (22mm, Navy blue & Sky blue stitching)

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