Sun 陽 “Sol”: Watch strap design & development with Kaal Watch Multiverse

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When a watch strap artist meets a new unique watch brand
In the past few months, I have been working behind closed doors together with a new watch brand from Singapore, which I find has a very interesting concept and design. I just thought that such niche, unique, out-of-the-norm design concept is so inline with our believe for 47Ronin, we must come together to create something even more amazing! I firmly believe our collaboration will be much greater than the sum of its parts. 
47Ronin Watch Straps
Launching a new watch brand with 47Ronin
Unlike all the other collaborations I previously had with watch brands around the world, this collaboration with Kaal Watch began before the brand is even launched. This means that for the first time, the watch will be presented together with the custom designed and handcrafted strap during pre-order, Kickstarter campaign, and subsequent retail launch into the market. 
We are really excited to join the Kaal Watch from this very beginning of the journey, launching both the watch and the strap as a whole at the same time.
47Ronin Watch Straps
About Kaal Watch Multiverse
Kaal Watch which is born in sunny Singapore and founded by 3 experienced industry names in the world of horology - Alvin Lye who is one half of the avant-garde Azimuth Watch Works brand with iconic designs like Mr. Roboto, The Spaceship just to name but a few, Jessie Yeo who is also the better half of Alvin Lye, is also the co-owner of watch brand Trifoglio Italia that gave you such pieces like the Radio City, Millimetro and Veloce. Rounding off this fantastic trio is Alvin Lew who has spent years in the watch industry being an active watch blogger and reviewer at Micro Brand Watch World and an avid collector of watches.
47Ronin Watch Straps

The brand concept

Kaal timepieces are designed to inspire wonder for the world on which we live. Traditional watch dials lock people into a cycle of using time to meter out the space between their next meeting, their next call or their next deal or maybe their next meal. Why use the time in a boring way? 

47Ronin Watch Straps

 Don't let time tell you what to do. Re-interpreting time & space.

Kaal Watch, taking their name from the Sanskrit word for “time”, celebrate that we are all together on Starship Earth to humanize the process of telling time. Their new Multiverse Edition watches are a trilogy of timepieces designed to present time not just in a unique way, but in a unique context. DELETE ‘hands’ pointing to hours and minutes like fingers pointing to chores and drudgery. INSERT beautifully ornate three-dimensional representations of the three most important celestial bodies, acting as the focal point of a mechanical ballet of spinning dials and markers that mimic their celestial motions.

47Ronin Watch Straps
“Sol” 陽 (the Sun)
As the name, Kaal Watch Multiverse suggests, there are a couple of watch designs for this launch series. In this article, we will be introducing “Sol”  (the Sun) design and our corresponding custom designed and handcrafted watch strap by 47Ronin. 
47Ronin Watch Straps

Kaal Watch "Sol" (the Sun) Specifications:

  • Movement : Seiko NH35: automatic movement, 40 hours power reserve, 21,600 vibrations per hour
  • Case Diameter : 42mm
  • Case Thickness : 19mm including crystal dome
  • Lug to Lug : 47mm
  • Lug width : 22mm
  • Crystal : Double dome sapphire glass with AR coated
  • Water Resistance : 30m / 3atm
  • Crown : Push/Pull
  • Case : Stainless steel 316L. Each case is serially numbered.
  • Inner Dial : Choice of Gaea, Sol or Artemis (Earth, Sun or Moon)
  • Luminous : Swiss Superluminova C3
  • Strap (stock) : Horween genuine leather (Choice of Black or Brown) with white stitching
47Ronin Watch Straps

A special relationship with the Sun

“Sol” (the Sun), lighting our days half of the time and keeping us warm all the time. If it was bright enough to see your way through traffic this morning or warm enough for you to walk outside and if there was food on your plate – you can thank the Sun for that. Our relationship with the Sun is a unique one (don’t believe me?) ask anyone from Venus or Mars, they’ll tell you how lucky we are.

47Ronin Watch Straps
“Sol” 陽 (the Sun) watch strap design concept & inspiration by 47Ronin
As we stand on Earth observing the Star that we orbit some 150 million kilometers away, we all know the Sun is the biggest object we know existing that is red, hot, and burning. Hence, we have chosen the bright red calf leather (Tochigi leather) to match with the Sun in the middle of the dial, radiating the heat and burning sensation from the watch to around your wrist. 
47Ronin Watch Straps
About Tochigi leather
Tochigi Leather is one of the world’s few tanners that continues to use only natural vegetable tannin. The main reason Tochigi Leather is called “a rarity in the world” is because it uses only natural vegetable tannin. The factory’s 160 pits are filled with high quality tannin made from Brazilian mimosa. This secret tannin solution has been continuously added to without pause for decades. Leather is dipped into the pits from the lowest tannin concentration to the highest, so the tannin slowly and naturally permeates over time.
47Ronin Watch Straps
 The Sun is in the center of our solar system with planets of various sizes, including Earth orbiting around it. Hence, we have created 4 circular cutouts lined up  in a curve from the biggest to the smallest. These circles symbolise planets of different sizes in our solar system.
47Ronin Watch Straps
Underneath the 4 circular cutouts is a piece of  Kimono fabric inlay from Kyoto Japan. The Kimono fabric has a matching base colour in red, together with colourful weaving patterns, and traces of gold and silver which add a premium to the overall design. Here, we are putting a piece of Japanese tradition and heritage on the wrist, so that many could enjoy and be inspired by the beauty of such traditional craft from Japan, passed down many centuries for generations. 
47Ronin Watch Straps
The strap is stitched together with a piece of beige thread, matching the overall red colour theme of the strap. It is hand-stitched using the saddle stitch method, with additional double loops towards the lug area to give additional strength and a sprinkle of handcrafted-ness.  
47Ronin Watch Straps
The Kanji character, "陽" (yo- in Japanese, or yang in Mandarin) meaning the Sun, or sunshine, is laser engraved onto the loop of the strap. Laser engraved means the word is burned into the leather using the heat from the laser beam. Unlike paint, laser engraving will not fade out over time. 
47Ronin Watch Straps
The number "47" is being hand-stitched onto the back of the loop to give additional strength. This is a special feature for all watch straps by 47Ronin.
47Ronin Watch Straps
47Ronin logo is laser engraved on the underside of the strap. Each strap is also give a unique number that indicates it as the "n"th piece of creation crafted by 47Ronin Watch Straps. 
47Ronin Watch Straps
Finally, the strap is matched with a rose gold stainless steel butterfly clasp buckle 20mm. Customers can also have the option to have a stainless steel pre-v buckle instead. 


47Ronin Watch Straps

The Material:

  • Tochigi leather, natural vegetable tanned, Bright red 
  • Kimono textile fabric from Kyoto, matching leather colour themes.
  • Beige stitching (hand stitched)
  • Red edge paint (heat treated)
  • Rose gold stainless steel butterfly clasp buckle 20mm
  • Quick release spring bar
47Ronin Watch Straps


  • Length: 125/75, 130/80, 135/85 (or as requested)
  • Lug: 22mm
  • Buckle: 20mm
  • Thickness: 3.5mm
47Ronin Watch Straps


  • Name engraving on underside (up to 8 characters)
  • 47Ronin logo embossed on underside
  • 47Ronin engraved logo on underside
  • “47” stitching on strap loop
  • Kimono textile fabric design is unique for each strap, no two straps will appear the same.
  • A unique serial number will be given to each strap, indicating the “n”th strap crafted by 47Ronin
  • Stainless steel butterfly clasp buckle increase the lifespan of the strap by preventing regular bending of the strap when putting on and taking off.
  • Customers can also opt for stainless steel pre-v buckle instead.
47Ronin Watch Straps


  • Japanese design paper envelop
  • Product description card with serial number
  • Message card for gifts (if required)
  • Bubble wrap envelop outer packaging
47Ronin Watch Straps

Time required:

  • Crafting: 4-5 weeks (depending on availability and shipping of material from Japan)
  • Shipping: 1-2 weeks (depending on global logistic situation)
    47Ronin Watch Straps


    • 290USD
    • Made-to-order
    • International free shipping


    Order this watch strap at:

    47Ronin#299 Rose red calf leather (22mm, Beige stitching)

    * Contact us for customised lug width, length, and thickness (Whatsapp +65 86567631,

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