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This time, 47Ronin has a very interesting collaboration with a Singaporean tattoo artist: Eric Artistica! I am always keen to have interesting collaborations with fellow artists who create beautiful art with their hands.

47Ronin Watch Straps

Eric standing in the 5-foot-way outside his studio at Dunlop Street. 

Through an introduction by one of our watch partners @jevorisofficial, I get to know Eric, who started his tattoo artist career in 2006, and is running his own tattoo studio since 2015 at a shophouse along Dunlop Street, an interesting area near Little India

47Ronin Watch Straps

To be honest, I have ZERO tattoo on myself, but I have always been very fascinated by tattoo, the designs, the graphics, the colours, and the whole culture by itself. Being Japanese influenced, I was also amused by the Japanese style tattoo of the Yakuza culture. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

I have always been very fond of Japanese illustrations like the dragon, the Koi fish, the tiger, etc, and painting them on the human skin like an artist's canvas brings it to another level altogether.

47Ronin Watch Straps

You may have heard that foreign tourists visiting Japan with tattoo are rejected from entering Onsen hot spring, but on the other hand, I have also heard that there are special bathhouse or Onsen that serves the Yakuza with tattoo as well. 

47Ronin Watch Straps When I visited Eric's tattoo studio for the first time, I could immediately feel the vibe of the tattoo culture. Located on the second floor of a shophouse, on top of a Japanese izakaya, it is a little space where people come to visit and leave with a satisfying handcrafted art piece somewhere on their bodies.

47Ronin Watch Straps

Although I was a little shy to fix my eyes on how the ink makes their way into the skin, I was delighted by the many decorative toys, figurings, illustrations in frames, little gadgets, small aquariums, etc that have decorated the whole space with character and style. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

Coming back to business, Eric has a Seiko SPC185P1 15th anniversary limited edition, and we decided to custom design and craft a watch strap for this watch. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

Something about the watch:

15th Anniversary Limited Edition Seiko with only 3900 pieces produced

Water resistance 100m

Diameter : 44mm. 

Case : Black PVD Stainless Steel Case with Black PVD Bracelet

47Ronin Watch Straps

Bezel : Stainless steel with Tachymeter

Dial : Black / Red dial with Luminous hands & index.

Chronograph Function: 60 minutes chronograph stopwatch function, and 24hour Indicator

Buckle : Three-fold clasp with push button release

Date : Big Date window at 12 o'clock position.

Glass : Sapphire crystal glass

47Ronin Watch Straps

When considering the watch strap design, I have decided to use a piece of cinnamon brown calf leather, in order to break away from its original black coloured theme.

47Ronin Watch Straps

Eric is sharing a piece of illustration given by another Italian tattoo artist at one of the conventions last year.

This piece of leather is rather soft which provides much comfort to the user. It would be especially so when Eric needs flexibility and comfort at this wrists as he works on his tattoo art for his customers. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

To match the red elements on the watch dial, I used a 0.55mm nylon red thread for the stitching, with double loops wrapping the edge of the strap near the lug area to give it extra strength, and a sprinkle of handcrafted-ness. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

The piece of Kimono fabric inlay chosen is weaved with Wagara (和柄)Japanese traditional pattern, called Seigaiha (青海波)which means Wave crest. This design is made of rows of ocean waves forming a fan-shaped pattern. It symbolises the desire for continued peaceful living, like the tranquil waves.

47Ronin Watch Straps

In order to compliment the golden element of the Kimono fabric, the strap is matched with a golden stainless steel pre-v buckle, 22mm.

47Ronin Watch Straps

Usually, the design and crafting process of a 47Ronin watch strap would have ended here, but for this time, That is not all!

47Ronin Watch Straps

Finally, a skull illustration designed by Eric is then added to the tip of the strap by laser engraving, to complete this piece of collaborative work. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

About the watch strap:

Materials & design:

  • Soft Cinnamon brown calf leather
  • 0.55mm nylon red stitching (hand-stitched)
  • Kimono fabric with Seigaiha Wave crest Japanese pattern
  • Golden stainless steel pre-v buckle
  • Skull illustration laser engraved
  • Quick release spring bar

47Ronin Watch Straps


  • Length: 125/75mm
  • Lug: 22mm
  • Buckle: 22mm

47Ronin Watch Straps

About Eric Artistica:

Started tattooing since year 2006, Eric Artistica specialises in Blackngrey and Blackwork tattoos. He also enjoys customising unique designs for his clients.

IG: @eric_artistica


74A Dunlop St, Singapore 209402

For enquiry and appointment contact
+65 82222604

47Ronin Watch Straps

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47Ronin#231 Cinnamon brown calf leather (22mm, Red stitching)

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47Ronin Watch Straps


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