47Ronin Watch Strap Crafting Workshop (Online)

What is the best gift you can get?
After crafting hundreds of watch straps for my customers, my friends, and people who matter in my life, I realised the best gift you can get for someone, or even for yourself, is something that is filled with your thoughts, your time, your effort, and certainly your love. Giving a gift that is crafted out by your own hands is like giving part of yourself, your life to someone that matters. Did I forget to mention, that is also the one and only piece in this world? 

I am going to teach you how to craft your own watch straps.
Leather crafting is no rocket science, it is a traditional craft practiced and refined over generations, before the trade was over taken by machines and mass productions. With some patience and practise, you too can master the craft and develop your own style and character in your creation. 
Believe me, it is the crafting and making something by your own hands where you will find joy. Aiming for perfection out of imperfect craftsmanship is what motivate you to continue. And the idea that knowing someone will be owning and using a piece of your handmade creation will allow you to pick up the tools again to make another piece. 
Online Workshop
The workshop will be conducted online through web conference using Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, LINE, conducted in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, or Japanese (that's all I can handle, maybe un peu français). It will be a live session with just you and me, sharing with you about all I know in watch strap crafting. I will walk you through the journey in making your first watch strap. Such as knowledge of the materials, the functions and how to use the tools, basic techniques in leather crafting, etc, as well as my secret formula I have developed after crafting hundreds of watch straps. 
I will ship you a set of basic leather crafting tools to your home. This will be enough for you to start crating some decent watch straps. You may also get your own if you are already familiar with leather crafting. 
Together with the tools come the materials such as leather, fabrics, stitching threads, glue, and other chemicals you will need. I will also regularly send you interesting materials I have sourced, so that we will never get bored with new colours, new textures, and exotic materials in limited quantities. 
Step by step at your own pace
I bet you will be surprised in the number of steps and procedures in making a watch strap that is smaller than the size of your palm. Basically, it will involve some measuring, cutting, gluing, stitching, stamping, punching, hammering, pressing, sanding, painting, etc. The workshop will be conducted over a few sessions scheduled to your availability. We will just pick up from where we have stopped the previous time.
Life is about creating meaningful memories for yourself and others.
Our world is moving away from materialistic satisfaction to seeking interesting experiences, intangible but meaningful memories with people that matter. 
Crafting a gift with your hands is a journey by itself which you will remember. Giving it to someone where he/ she will own it and use it, is another journey with memories both of you will share. It is priceless.
Drop me a message for the details and let's begin the journey.
Whatsapp: +65 86567631
Email: hi@47ronin.co
LINE: hamamatsu1999

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