47Ronin Watch & Strap Combo: SIXOFOUR Series One - Limited edition with custom designed & handcrafted straps

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For the first time since the launch of 47Ronin in 2018, we are curating some interesting & beautiful watches, with which will be matched with our uniquely custom designed and handcrafted straps. 

For the start, we have picked SIXOFOUR LIFE (six-o-four), our long time watch brand partner from Vancouver, Canada who offers well designed and high quality automatic watches with Japanese movement. 

47Ronin Watch Straps


SIXOFOUR Series One - Limited edition, unique design made especially for @ufc's Featherweight Champ, Max Holloway @blessedmma

Beautifully & simply supernatural. A classic colour that reflects Vancouver's great outdoors and the abundant natural resources that surrounds this beautiful city. 

Black fumé dial in a brilliant Stainless Steel (316L) case.

Automatic Miyota Movement  |  Sapphire Glass  |  Waterproof to 5ATM  |  40mm  | Open Back

47Ronin Watch Straps

About the watch strap design

First of all, the SIXOFOUR  Series One - Max Holloway limited edition design is minimalists yet bold at the same time. The 40mm case is not considered huge, and it has a moderate thickness at 12mm. Yet, it is certainly a watch that sits prominently on the wrist and gathers attentions from the people nearby.

47Ronin Watch Straps

Hence, we have selected this Mocha brown "Crazy horse" calf leather which gives some thickness (4mm) and lots of strength to put up the watch on the wrist. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

The leather

Crazy horse leather which also can be referred as saddle leather is made by applying a special kind of wax to a full grain leather surface that has been smoothed out. The wax enhances the leather fibre and that way when they are scratched or rubbed, the leather's natural colour changes its shade that gives the antique, vintage appearance. 

47Ronin Watch Straps

Crazy horse leather are durable, strong, and of course its gives a unique look and feel which combines luxury and antique touch. With the wax applied to the leather, it protects the leather with water resistant and makes it more durable.

47Ronin Watch Straps

Kimono fabric from Kyoto

A piece of Kimono fabric from Kyoto Japan is placed beneath the first layer of the leather as an inlay. This piece of Kimono fabric is chosen for its Golden chrysanthemums on a black background which matches the reflective black dial and the golden stainless steel case engraved with tattoo of Max Holloway

The original piece of Kimono fabric

Since only a small piece of the fabric is applied to the strap, it could be any part of the fabric at random. Hence, the resulting piece of fabric always come as a surprise, as each part of the Kimono fabric offers a unique pattern. 

47Ronin Watch Straps


On the leather, two rectangular cutouts with round corners are made to expose the Kimono fabric inlay beneath it. The rectangular cutouts are meant to maximise the exposure of the kimono fabric beneath, as well as to synchronise with the somewhat squarish watch case design.

47Ronin Watch Straps

The stitching

In order to complement the golden case of the watch, a 0.55mm beige nylon thread is used for stitching the edges. The saddle stitching method is done by hand, such that in case any part of the stitching breaks, the rest of the stitching stays in place. Double loops are added near the lug to add strength where the spring bar will be and sprinkle a sense of handcrafted-ness.

47Ronin Watch Straps

The edges

A layer of transparent edge paint is applied to the edge of the strap to prevent water from entering the leather, as well as to retain the original leather colouring of this beautiful Crazy horse leather.

47Ronin Watch Straps

The buckle

Finally, a golden stainless steel buckle of 22mm is installed to go along with the silvery shine of the case. This rather bulky buckle would well complement the rugged and thick strap of 4mm. It is recommended to exercise care when putting on and removing the watch from your wrist, by avoiding excessive bending of the strap. This would help to prolong the lifespan of the strap.

47Ronin Watch Straps

The Materials:

  • Crazy horse mocha brown calf leather
  • Japanese textile kimono fabric from Kyoto
  • Beige stitching (hand stitched)
  • Golden stainless steel buckle 


  • Length: 125/75 (can be customised according to wrist size)
  • Lug: 22mm
  • Buckle: 22mm
  • Thickness: 4.0mm
47Ronin Watch Straps


    Order this watch & strap combo at:

    SIXOFOUR Series One - Limited edition with 47Ronin#315 Mocha brown calf leather (22mm, Beige stitching)

    Price: USD$760

    Order this watch strap at:

    47Ronin#315 Mocha brown calf leather (22mm, Beige stitching)

    Price: USD$280

     * Contact us for customised lug width, length, and thickness (Whatsapp +65 86567631, hi@47ronin.co)


    47Ronin Watch Straps

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