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47Ronin浪人 Watch Straps

Designed & handcrafted piece by piece...

47Ronin浪人 Watch Straps

With exotic materials from Japan.

47Ronin浪人 Watch Straps

We don't compliment your watches...

47Ronin浪人 Watch Straps

We are a stand along fashion icon.

About us

A piece of Japanese art on your wrist

From analogue mechanical watches to wearable technologies, our watch strap designs give you your own fashion statement. We don't compliment your timepiece, we are a stand alone fashion icon.

High quality materials

What is 47Ronin浪人?

Ronin is a free roaming Samurai without a master. 47Ronin is a historical true story from over 300 years ago in Japan, where 47 Ronins showed great courage, and loyalty by taking revenge for the injustice execution of their late master (Daimyo). Their Samurai spirit or Bushido is well remembered and celebrated by the Japanese.

Picture: The Scene of the Night Attack in The Storehouse of Loyal Retainers, 1852

We are Ronins浪人.


Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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A sunset industry: beautiful yet fast disappearing

About the Creator: A lifetime relationship with Japan

Tong, Singaporean business consultant went to Japan for the first time at 15 for homestay. This changed his life, he promised himself he must live in Japan at least once in his life. Just like a dream came true, upon graduation from university, Tong moved to Kyoto where he spent 5 years living in the ancient capital, of Japan. Upon returning to Singapore, Tong started his own business consultancy firm bridging Japan, Singapore and the rest of Asia for business, Culture, and tourism.

For his love of Japan, its crafts and culture, Tong decided to create a product that put a piece of Japan's beauty on everyone's wrist, taking it to places wherever you go.

Customer Service

Life time warranty

We build products that last. By having the best material and workmanship, we want our products to stay with our customers for a long, long time. Send us back the product for any defects, and we will help you fix it.

Free worldwide shipping

While made-to-order products take time in the crafting process, we wish to deliver our products to customers ASAP. Delivery takes 1-2 weeks after despatching by Airmail international registered article with tracking code. 


Because you are unique, so is each of our watch straps. While our materials' availability is limited, tell us about your watch, lug width, wrist measurement, and we will customise the straps for you.


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